If you missed the Scaling webinar – the recording is now online

During the Web Café on November 15, Floortje Jacobs presented and explained the Scaling Scan tool and how to apply it step-by-step.  Maria Boa from CIMMYT shared how she has used the tool to facilitate a process of analyzing, reflecting on and sharpening the scaling strategy of a project in Mexico.

The Scaling Scan was developed to help PPPs strengthening their scaling strategies. In cooperation with CIMMYT, we developed the tool  on basis of ongoing research of how development initiatives scale innovations in practice. The Scaling Scan helps to get clear what scaling requires in a specific context, to formulate a realistic and responsible scaling ambition and to identify bottlenecks and opportunities that should be addressed to achieve that scale. Note that it is not a design tool, but it rather helps you to understand the multiple dimensions of a scaling process.

The recording of the Web-Café on November 15: