Explorations 08: Financing and public-private partnerships

Whatever the idea or ambition, financing is needed to make it a reality.

This also applies to SDG ambitions. If you have the ideas and the ambition, but you lack the funds, then the quest for funding starts. This is indeed a quest, because the process of identifying and convincing financiers can be long.

Private investors are increasingly asked to take up a role for the SDGs and fill the funding gap. In some sectors, such as energy, the private sector is very active, but in the water and sanitation sector, the interest of private investors is limited. Why is this? Are private investors not interested in financing these sectors? And is there a role here for PPPs and if so, what is that role?

To answer these and other key questions, this exploration will discuss the financing of development projects (SDGs), primarily from the perspective of the commercial financier. We start by looking at the ‘need for trillions’ and finish with grounded insights to help us on the way.