Save-the-Date: Shaping PPPs that are game-shapers – Thursday November 1, The Hague

On November 1st 2018 the PPPLab will be holding its annual day mixing practice, reflection and creativity.

Effective partnerships are increasingly seen as critical to respond to ever more complex and unpredictable global and regional changes in two basic needs: food and water. Each sector alone faces this growing turbulence. Where food meets water they can reinforce towards ever-greater uncertainty and inequity in access to both.

Public-private partnerships are also increasingly the cornerstone of more complex partnership arrangements. Working together, public and private actors offer the opportunity to drive change at scale, by tackling the rules of the game, leveraging the strengths of governments and building business models that can grow and unlock billions of dollars in transformational investments that get the right products to those that need them.

Four years of working with and looking at hundreds of PPPs will be boiled down to their essence during the next PPPLab day. Blending the key PPP topics of ‘scaling’, ‘financing’ and ‘partnering with governments’, we get hands-on and distil the key success factors and messages that every PPP, policy makers and financers must build into ambition, design and operation.

RVO & the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will support the day to reflect on FDW and FDOV projects and to strengthen the creative quality of proposals being developed for SDG-P 2018 and being considered for 2019.

Make sure you can join: save the date in your agenda!