Launching the PPPLab finance strategy tool. A magic wand?

PPPLab’s Astrid van Agthoven (Aqua for All) reflects on the development and launch of the PPP Finance Strategy Tool

Last April we wrote a blog, titled “Myth or Magic?”, about our efforts to develop a PPP finance strategy tool. With the final version now online, it clearly isn’t a myth, and well, obviously it’s not a magic wand either.

What it is though, is a well-tested and well received tool that stimulates and guides various audiences in sharpening their business model or in looking into more creative, innovative ways to get their proposition financed. While some testers encountered the edge of the tool’s design, they confirmed the added value of the tool’s general process.

Key things that became clear in the testing was the iterative nature of the process and that – depending on the phase that the PPP – different steps of the tool will be more useful to prioritise. We also concluded that the tool is best used in a group session facilitated by a resource person.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to this tool, we would be happy to hear from you: