PPP Lunch Café: Dutch partnerships for the SDGs

Interactive session exploring the challenges and opportunities for Dutch government-related PPPs for the SDGs in the coming years

Thanks to all of the participants of this session! Check back soon for a blog on the outcomes.

More information: info@ppplab.org


Partnerships between business, civil society organizations, public sector and knowledge institutes are a key mechanism to achieve the SDGs. The Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation emphasized the importance of partnering and the SDGs as framework for her recently published policy note ‘Investing in Perspective’. Even though partnerships are not new in the context of Dutch development policy, ‘SDG partnerships’ may provoke a number of new questions or exacerbate already existing challenges around PPPs.

On June 28th we invite you to a ‘PPP Lunch Café’ for dialogue on the role of the Dutch government in PPPs. While facilitating and supporting public-private partnerships, value for money and clear progress towards meeting the SDG targets are increasingly important. Experiences and insights will be shared in an interactive panel discussion with representatives involved in SDGs and PPPs from the Dutch government (Hugo G. von Meijenfeldt, SDG coordinator, Ministry of Foreign Affairs), business (Michiel de Bruin, Agrico) and civil society (Hugo Verkuijl, HIVOS).

When: June 28th 2018 @ 12.00 – 14.30
Where:Innovation Conference Room, New World Campus, The Hague
Lunch: Yes, lunch, tea/coffee is provided from 11.30 (mostly vegetarian).
More information: info@ppplab.org