8 NGOs assess themselves against 12 success factors for inclusive business

Blog by Nelleke van der Vleuten, BoP Innovation Center

‘An eyeopener’. ‘We need to do this again after one year’. ‘Let’s apply this to our country offices as well’. Those were comments by NGO-staff after doing a self-assessment of their organization in a recent peer-to-peer learning workshop on inclusive business (IB). The event was organized by Endeva and BoP Innovation Center (BoPInc) to create a thriving environment for IB. This requires, among others, that NGO-stakeholders need a set of non-traditional business skills and know-how. How can this be achieved? To trigger a discussion among the NGOs, we invited eight of them to use an online tool, the NGO Capability Scan for Inclusive Agribusiness.

The scan is developed by BoP Innovation Center in collaboration with PPP Lab.  It addresses twelve internal capabilities (see box), categorized under Values, Processes and Resources.

Doing the scan is not an academic exercise, but a – subjective – self-assessment that acts as a benchmark to trigger internal learning and action.
The scan has a similar version for companies. The scan can thus support mutual understanding and action in an IB partnership as well.

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