Welcome to PPPCafé on 6th of April


How to work effectively with the Public P in PPPs in developing countries such as Kenya and Ghana? What are possible roles public partners can play in a PPP? What are the motivations of the Public P to engage in a PPP? How can you navigate challenges and risks when working with the Public P? This edition of the PPPCafé will address these and more questions related to collaborating with the Public P.

This session does not only concern public partners in developing countries, but also the donor, in this case referred to as: the Dutch Public P. A great diversity of public Ps being involved in PPPs, we are zooming in on their respective roles for effectiveness and scale. Ultimately, understanding the public P and related public-private interactions can support a more effective way of partnering and contribute to scale the PPP results.

We invite you to explore with us the role of the Public P in partnerships by sharing experiences of both donors (predominantly Dutch public P) and ‘in-country’ public P partners. The discussion will be informed by insights on Public P engagement strategies and practices from examples in Kenya and Ghana.

Time: 15:00-17:00, followed by drinks

Register by sending an email to info@ppplab.org