New magazine on Innovations in Finance including partnerships

The Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC) has recently published a magazine on Innovation in Finance in relation to the 2016 Africa Works! conference in the Netherlands on doing Business in Africa. During the conference, PPPLab organised one of the key workshop on PPP financing strategies and practical steps of getting to innovative funding arrangements. In this 2017 NABC magazine edition there are four informative articles written about partnerships and one of them from PPPLab and the work we do with PPPs. There are also two successful examples of Dutch funded PPPs in Ghana and Rwanda highlighted which shows the value that PPPs can have in creating change in the food and water domains.

The NABC magazine on Innovation in Finance is a nice, accessible read and you can especially look at page 32 on ‘How to make Public Private Partnerships work’. The magazine can be downloaded here.

The front page of the NABC 2017 Edition on Innovation in Finance