Join us @Africa Works 10 November

How to finance a PPP? On the 10th of November, PPPLab is organising one of the key workshop at the Africa Works! conference. Finding the right funding composition for a project or a business initiative is always a challenge. Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are no exception; often even more complicated.

In the workshop, PPPLab will share its knowledge on PPP financing strategies and engage the audience in practical steps of getting to innovative funding arrangements. A potential to scale and stage of development towards scale will greatly influence the funding opportunities; the workshop will also draw from PPPLab’s research on scaling and system change. As they are currently developing practical, actionable tools,  this workshop serves as an opportunity to assess (and use) them.

We hope to see you during Africa Works! and at the workshop How to finance a PPP? ‘It’s the business case stupd!’For more information, have a look here