PPPLab in Action in Nairobi

Kenya RAPID is a five-year development program of the Millennium Water Alliance bringing together public and private institutions and communities to increase access to water and sanitation for people and water for livestock and to rebuild a healthy rangeland-management ecosystem.

A “Private Sector Engagement Learning Event” was organized for the facilitating NGOs and County ( = local government) staff of the five arid/ semi-arid northern Counties involved in the program.

Aqua for All, as a key partner in the Kenya RAPID program, was in the lead of organizing the learning event and could directly apply PPPLab’s learning. The PPPCanvas was well received among participants and appreciated as an easy to understand, useful tool in their exploration of what can (and can’t) be done in the five counties. This northern part of Kenya is often affected by droughts, has high poverty rates and low access to basic services. So not an easy feat to engage the private sector and develop PPPs in these counties. With help of PPPLab’s work (… in progress!) on financing strategies important aspects to consider for the financing of PPPs could be explained.

Participants developed key priorities for private sector development in their respective County. A total of 15 ideas will be further explored, ranging from management of water systems to plastic recycling to fodder production. I am looking forward to follow where all the opportunities identified in the workshop are heading. Probably not all will materialize, but Acacia Water, Coca-Cola Africa Foundation, Davis & Shirtliff, SweetSense Inc. and Vitol Foundation are already fully engaged and I am sure we can look forward to some interesting, innovative developments in Kenya’s North.