Open data on the PPPs of FDW & FDOV

How many PPPs are operating in Kenya? Is there a Dutch funded PPP on water in Bangladesh? How much Public money is spent in the PPPs?

Want to get an overview of the Public-Private Partnerships of the Sustainable Water Fund (FDW) and the Facility for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security (FDOV)? Then you can have a look at this portal which visualizes the open data on official development aid (ODA) projects and programmes executed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( On the portal you see which projects are being carried out for a particular country, sector or programme. It also makes it possible to see when, where and by whom projects are being carried out and how much money is being spent.

For example on the FDW and FDOV programme pages you can see the global distribution of projects on the world map and by clicking further you get more detailed information. In this visual way you can get a better insight into how public money is spent or for example see what is done in the country you work, invest or live in. Additionally, open data can be used as a communication tool, monitoring & evaluation tool, information and knowledge management system and create track records.