Partnering for Success – Conference videos, presentations, docs, etc available now !

Last March the conference ‘Partnering for Success – how M&E can strengthen partnerships for sustainable development’ drew over 100 participants for both very practical workshop sessions as well as general discussion sessions on the central theme. The report is now ready. It is a valuable resource to find out who is doing what on this topic. Videos, presentations, background documentation, blogs and references are all available here.

The two days were organised by the Centre for Development Innovation, Wageningen University and Research, in Throughout three key questions were leading:
1. What do we mean by partnerships?
2. What is specific about the M&E of partnerships?
3. What aspects, approaches and conditions for M&E help partnerships better contribute to the SDGs?collaboration with PPP Lab and Learning by Design.

This is part of trying to contribute to relevant use of partnerships for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and implications for monitoring and evaluation. The 17th SDG incorporates the need to partner in order to achieve the other SDGs. In order to track, maintain and strengthen partnerships toward these goals, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) can play a key role. There are still many questions about how (and whether) multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSP) realise impact, and how the respective roles of partners contribute to the way results are achieved.