The four keys to achieving mutuality in cross-sector partnerships

PPPLab colleague Stella Pfisterer from the Partnerships Resource Centre has studied partnerships in Colombia and how they create unity in diversity. Four key factors were identified as essential to achieving mutuality in cross-sector partnerships.

The first key to mutuality is effective coordination. Agreeing on who does what, how to best manage resources and how to meet common objectives is vital to building strong relationships between partners.

The second key is accountability, which means each partner taking responsibility for the partnership and their role in it. Partners need to be accountable for what goes on in the partnership, to the outside world as well as to the partners.

Third, attention must be paid to partnership identity: What does the partnership mean, both to the members and the outside world? The partnership’s identity is the ‘glue’ that binds partners together and provides them with a shared feeling of fellowship.

Finally, confidence is vital for achieving mutuality. Being able to trust your partners, expecting them to be willing and able to do what is right for the partnership, not just what is right for themselves, is essential for a good partnership.

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