Welcome to the second PPPCafé – PPPs as mechanisms for achieving scale: from simple models to rich strategies

In the second of our quarterly PPPCafés we invite you to explore scaling. Lately, there has been a lot of ‘buzz’ around scaling impact in international development. But besides some basic typologies and models, the more practical questions are still left unanswered in literature. Based on preliminary findings of PPPLab’s scaling study, we like to discuss practical approaches and experiences on how PPPs can be instrumental in scaling development impact. We aim to do so with inputs and practical experience from our audience, making it an interactive session based on exchanging experiences and interactive learning. We will together explore the question: How can a PPP develop sound scaling strategies to really achieve impact at scale?

Are you involved in a PPP in the food & water sector or work with PPPs in another way, please join us on the 26th of May. You bring your thoughts, we’ll take care of good coffee & drinks! And we will all walk away with clearer focus, new insights and new contacts within the PPP community.

Time: 15:00-17:00, followed by drinks

Register before 20th of May at: info@ppplab.org. Space is limited, so do register.