PPPLab in action: PPP Canvas workshops

On 21 and 28 January 2016 two “PPP Canvas” workshops were organised by PPPLab at the Aqua for All office.Seventeen participants from private sector, NGOs and government were briefed on the business model canvas and the additions made by PPPLab to turn it into a canvas more suitable for development focused PPPs, the “PPP Canvas”. But most importantly, the participants applied this tool to their own PPP, either an existing project or a project idea that they want to develop.

Overall, the workshop was well received by the participants, especially the concise overview it provides – systematically capturing all key elements – was appreciated. This will help communications about the PPP, both within the PPP consortium as well as with other key stakeholders.The workshops were highly interactive and used as a two-way process: for the participants insights were gained about the PPP Canvas, while the PPPLab gained insights from the participants about the applicability of the tool and its ease of use. This will help PPPLab to finalise an electronic, interactive guideline for the use of the PPPCanvas that will be made available on this website soon.

The PPPCanvas is a tool developed under PPPLab’s knowledge themes “Business Models and Financing Strategies”, which is one of four PPPLab Knowledge Themes and under which PPPLab hopes to develop another tool around financing strategies. Other knowledge themes of PPPLab are Scaling Up and System Change; Governance and Government and Partnership Performance Tracking.

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