Update Knowledge Agenda for 2016

In the last couple of months we have worked on PPPLab’s Knowledge Agenda for 2016. We are proud to present you with our four core themes for the coming year. This agenda is based on the experiences with the initial set of activities executed since Autumn 2014, a deeper understanding gained of the FDW and FDOV portfolios, an increasing connection with other knowledge initiatives and the recommendations of our Advisory Group. The present agenda is a move to sharpen our profile and focus on signature themes not yet addressed by others. As we strengthen our ‘lab’ dimension, we will develop these themes in increasing collaboration with the FDOV and FDW PPPs.

  1. Business Models

Focus: development of an analytical tool and broader application to strengthen business sustainability and better understanding of various partnership business models.

  1. Scaling up and System Change

Focus: reconnaissance for getting to grips with the larger ambitions of PPPs; especially on scaling up outcomes of individual PPPs and system change resulting from individual PPPs.

  1. Governance and Government

Focus: insight into the partnership governance (identity of partners, their roles and contributions including the way they work together) and understanding the public role within the PPPs (in particular the engagement of local public entities).

  1. Partnership Performance Tracking

Focus: monitoring outline and process that partnerships can use to track how they are performing as a partnership and study the correlation between how a partnership functions and how well it delivers on outcome (strong link with topic 3).

We know that in six months from now our understanding of the playing field will have evolved significantly again. That is why we try to be receptive to new developments along the way. We are open to adaptions to our work, both in content as well as in process.

Cross-cutting Learning & Exchange activities

The Learning & Exchange program is about making what PPPLab uncovers relevant to the daily practice of our primary audiences: partners in the PPPs and relevant Dutch government agencies. We do that in two ways: (1) identifying key questions and concerns that our audience needs to find answers to, to guide our research and (2) sharing the findings from action research activities in ways that allow our audiences use the findings in their individual contexts.

More news about our working plans will follow soon.