Report: PPP Canvas workshop at Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

The second workshop on the PPP Canvas was a full day on November 26th, and was done with the staff from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) who are active in different PPP instruments. During the session the participants could practice with using the PPP Canvas and applying it to real PPP cases. A general point of reflection in the group was that by using the PPP Canvas tool and exploring the different segments and their interrelation, the core logic of the PPP becomes more clear and manageable. A comment that was made by one of the participants underscores this: ‘Ngo’s and companies need this tool to map their business model, even if they don’t know it yet!’

In the coming months the PPPLab will organise more workshops to work with the PPP Canvas. During these workshops the PPP Canvas will be explained and used by the participants, so that a good understanding will be formed of the possibilities (and limitations) of the tool. The workshop is ‘hands-on’ and participants will be filling out the various fields of the canvas step-by-step for their own PPP, thereby providing insight into what a good business model entails and the added value and characteristics of development focused PPPs.

Are you involved in a PPP and would you like to get a deeper understanding of your business model? Please visit our invitation or send an e-mail to for more information on the the workshops organized by the PPPLab.