Report: PPPLab workshop at the Partos Connected Development festival

How to make a snapshot of your PPP? The PPPLab has attempted to provide an answer to this question and has, together with BoP Inc and REBEL Group, developed the PPP Canvas. Based on the Business Model Canvas, a well-known and often used strategic management and entrepreneurial tool, the PPP Canvas has some additional elements that describe the social value of a PPP. The PPP Canvas can be used to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot PPP business models.

In the past few weeks the PPPLab has experimented with this tool by giving a number of workshops to practitioners in the field of PPPs or in partnerships with the private sector. The first workshop was held on November 12th at the Connected Development festival of Partos, the Dutch association for ngo’s working in international development. This association represents 120 Dutch development organisations that work in the field of poverty reduction, humanitarian aid, human rights and sustainable development. In the workshop some 20 participants were present of which the majority works within PPPs and/or in partnerships with the private sector.

In the 1,5 hour workshop, the PPPLab introduced the PPP Canvas, the basics of the model were explained and guidance was provided on how and when to use it. During the session the participants focused on defining the value proposition of their partnership, i.e. how the value is delivered to the customers and linked this to the impact created. One example of such a value proposition is: “For smallholders dairy farmers who want to avoid milk spoilage and expand their markets, our Solar Powered Milk Cooler provides longer life for your milk and consequently better business opportunities so you are economically independent and feel proud of your product. Sun cool milk is good for all”.