Report: PPPLab at Results4Development (R4D) programme in East Africa

Results4Development (R4D) is an initiative financed by Rockefeller Foundation in order to collect innovative initiatives in two regions: East Africa (orchestrated by Millennium Water Alliance) and India (orchestrated by DASRA). The program wants to give a boost to selected innovations on business models and business concepts in further scaling, sharing knowledge and insights, and have them available as best practices for a larger region. A first inventory of main barriers for scaling up addressed four main issues. Shaping Theory of Change, human resources management and capacity building, monitoring, and last but not least… funding.

The first R4D workshop in East Africa was held on November 10th in Nairobi, where PPPLab’s Sjef Ernes of Aqua for All was invited to facilitate the fourth block on funding. Addressing WASH interventions implicates local PPP arrangements and a PPP finance structure. Access to funding and readiness for funding are crucial.  The PPP Canvas model, developed by the PPPLab with support of REBEL Group and BoP Inc,  appeared to be extremely supportive for the ngo’s and entrepreneurs in the workshop to assess their own value proposition, their marketing and their governance. The workshop also gave a good feedback on the PPPCanvas model, as it helps to make a snapshot of the inclusive business proposition in this complex WASH market for the Base of the Pyramid.