Invitation to join the PPP Canvas Workshop

“How to make a snapshot of your inclusive business?”

Are you involved in a PPP and would you like to get better grip on the business model within it? Join one of the workshops organized by PPPLab in which you will learn to use the PPP Canvas.

What is the PPP Canvas?

Increasingly, business are involved in partnerships with CSOs and governments to jointly work on sustainable development challenges. For these PPPs a solid business case is important based on both economic as well as social and environmental impact. To support PPPs in their work on creating shared value appropriate tools and models are necessary. Most tools however are often focusing on only one aspect, either from business or public perspective. PPPLab together with BoP Inc and REBEL Group recently developed the PPP Canvas. It is based on the famous Business Model Canvas, a well-known and often used strategic management and entrepreneurial tool that describes the business model in nine logically connected building blocks. PPPLab has expanded this tool to make it more meaningful for PPPs that combine business with developmental objectives. Just like the original Canvas, the PPP Canvas can be used to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot PPP business models.

So far PPPLab has applied the tool to selected FDOV/ FDW PPPs and it appears to work very well. PPPLab would like to further validate and – if needed – fine tune the tool on basis of real-life cases. We offer you the opportunity to learn how to apply the PPPCanvas to your own case in a one day workshop.

What to expect in the workshop?

The workshop will be “hands-on”: step-by-step participants will be filling out the various fields of the canvas for their own PPP. The PPP Canvas will be explained and used by the participants, so that a good understanding will be formed of the possibilities (and limitations) of the tool. This implies that the workshop will provide a better grip on what a good business model entails and the added value and characteristics of development focused PPPs. Participants will get the chance to apply the tool to their own PPP. This will make the workshop directly relevant to your own case.

The workshop should provide participants with sufficient basis to use the tool independently with their partners in future. Participants will also be invited to provide feedback to PPPLab on the usefulness of the tool and possible ways to strengthen it.

Registration and other practical matters

The workshop will take a full day. It would be useful to join the workshop with partners from your consortium (and you could also consider including your RVO case manager), but this is not a requirement. Two sessions will be organized; you can choose between 21 and 28 January 2016. Venue will likely be in The Hague. These initial two workshops will be free of costs. Stakeholders active in an existing FDOV or FDW project will get priority, but also other actors in the field of PPPs are welcome and will be treated on a first come, first serve basis.

For readers who are not based in the Netherlands, please be informed that PPPLab will come to the field in 2016 with regional workshops where the PPP Canvas will also be on the agenda.

If you are interested, please send an email to In your email, please indicate the following details: name(s) of the participant(s) with organization(s), preferred date (21 or 28 January 2016) and which FDOV/ FDW project you represent (if any).