You are invited to the PPPLab workshop at Partos Connected Development Festival

Workshop PPP Canvas: how to make a snapshot of inclusive business?

Increasingly, businesses are involved in partnerships with civil society organisations and governments to jointly work on sustainable development challenges. For PPPs a solid business case is important based on both economic as well as social and environmental impact. To support PPPs in their work on creating shared value appropriate tools and models are necessary. Most tools however are often focusing on only one aspect, either from business or public perspective.

The PPPLab recently developed the PPP Canvas together with BoP Inc and REBEL Group. Based on the famous Business Model Canvas, a well-known and often used strategic management and entrepreneurial tool, next to exclusively focusing on business elements, PPP Canvas includes also elements that are describing the social value and impact of a PPP. Therefore, PPP Canvas can be used to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot PPP business models.

In this workshop at the Partos Connected Development Festival at November 13th in The Hague, the PPPLab will introduce PPP Canvas. The basics of the model will be explained and also how and when to use it. The workshop is especially interesting for those who work within PPPs and/or in partnerships with the private sector.

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