SEEP conference with special session on PPPs, 28 September – 1 October 2015

SEEP Network conference as platform for multi-sector action

Thirty years ago, a group of development practitioners seeking to promote economic opportunities for the poor formed the SEEP Network to create a platform for learning and exchange. Beginning with a relatively small group of U.S.-based NGOs, the network has grown in both size and scope, today representing 148 members operating in more than 170 countries worldwide.

The SEEP Network’s 2015 Annual Conference will serve as a platform to highlight this evolution while acknowledging the important challenges still before us. Under the dual theme of Inclusion and Resilience, together we will explore strategies that are extending the frontiers of market development.

On Wednesday 30th there is a special plenary session about cross-sector partnerships among development organizations and corporations (local, national, regional and multi-national), which are a growing trend. They represent an important opportunity to contribute to inclusive, pro-poor market system changes that can improve families’ resiliency to shocks, improve livelihoods and create sustainable business models. While opportunities exist, barriers remain that often limit the potential for scale and impact: lack of common language, inadequate measures and incentives, limited financial investment models, and time frames required to achieve profitability.

This plenary will focus on exploring successful strategies with experts to overcome common barriers to achieving scale and impact through partnerships. Discussion will focus on exploring changes that need to occur in the operational models of both development organizations and private firms to achieve a common vision of success.

Key questions: How can the results of partnerships be sustained through market mechanisms? What are the principle drivers motivating organizations to engage in these types of partnerships? How are these relationships evaluated? What are the challenges for corporations to embedding support for cross-sector partnerships within organizations? How has success been measured?

For more information about the panel members, please have a look here.