News from RVO: 20 projects receive FDOV grant (second call)

Of 64 applications, 12 projects on food security and 8 projects on private sector development approved

On Monday 1 December 2014 the tender for the Facility for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security (FDOV) closed. Partnerships, consisting of at least one public partner, one company and one NGO or knowledge institute, could file an application for subsidy.

In total, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) received 64 applications of which 20 were approved. 12 projects focus on food security and 8 project focus on private sector development.

The following 20 projects will receive a grant under the FDOV:

  1. Cracking the Nut – Benin en Burkina Faso
  2. Stimulating cooperative entrepreneurship by introducing irrigation – Burundi
  3. She Sells Shea – Burkina Faso en Mali
  4. Inclusive milk supply chain development to increase food security – Bhutan
  5. From Farm To Fork: Improving food security in 3 Egypt governorates – Egypt
  6. Fair Planet: five year plan for Ethiopia – Ethiopia
  7. Potato Processing in Ethiopia – Ethiopia
  8. Dairy Farm Equipment – Ethiopia
  9. Seed2Feed – Ethiopia
  10. Strengthening the horticulture export sector in Ghana – Ghana
  11. Every bean has its black – Guatemala
  12. Reducing Food Wastage in India – India
  13. Production and marketing of high Premium Rice in Central Java – Indonesia
  14. Healthy Business development programme – Kenya
  15. Food security via vertical integration of a new Kenyan pot chain – Kenya
  16. Food for all – Kenya
  17. Macademia Value Chain Enhancement – Malawi
  18. Organic Farming Unleashed: A Joint Effort to Build an Enabling Environment – Moldavia
  19. Sustainable and affordable poultry for all – Myanmar
  20. Development of sustainable bean value chains for smallholders to increase food security in Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe

The first call for ideas under FDOV, published in the State Gazette on 19 April 2012, has been a success. After a thorough selection and review process, 29 projects were granted a subsidy. These 29 projects represent a subsidy total of € 85 million. Aside from the subsidy, applicants and partners have generated an additional investment of € 97 million as their own contribution, bringing the total value of investment in FDOV projects (first call) to € 182 million.

Source: website RVO.