Explorations 01: A portfolio scan of the Sustainable Water Fund

In A portfolio scan of the Sustainable Water Fund (FDW) there are six categories of PPPs distinguished on the basis of their ‘change logic’. This working document presents an initial analysis of the portfolio of projects approved under the first call of the FDW, and seeks to get to grips with the basic ‘change logic’ of these projects from a public–private partnership perspective.

The main objective of this study is to investigate the PPP dynamics that the different project partners are creating with their input to development cooperation in the water field. The study especially focuses on the engagement of private partners, while making a distinction between ‘private’ contributions (according to the broad FDW definition) and ‘commercial’ contributions that drive real commercial investments and business dynamics.

This document defines several groups of projects within the overall portfolio. The change logic of each category is described in terms of the type of lead private partner, the other partners engaged, the core focus, the type of projected benefits, and the ongoing business or financial proposition. In addition, specific observations and questions are raised for each category. This document concludes with some overarching insights and questions about the FDW portfolio as a whole.

It must be stressed that this scan is the result of a desk study conducted on the basis of the proposals alone. The projects have now evolved. The further development of these projects since their approval will be among the issues explored in the Mid-Term Review of the FDW that is planned for the summer of 2015, in which PPPLab will participate.

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