EAAE Seminar: Does Europe Need a Food Policy?

148th seminar of the European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE)

Several European markets are characterised by oversupply and low farmer prices, with society and policy makers discussing sustainability, environment, the relation between food and health and ethical topics, such as animal welfare and food waste. In addition, current value chains are under pressure and new structures are upcoming. These developments raise the question whether agricultural policy should develop into a food policy and how such a policy should regulate the retail and food industry and its increasing control over agriculture and its responsibility for healthy diets. What would be the optimal institutional arrangements between public authorities (at EU or member state level), agri-business (including farming) and civil society? In other words, does Europe need a Food Policy?

This is the central question at the 148th EAAE Seminar that is being held by LEI Wageningen UR on Monday 30 November and Tuesday 1 December, 2015. This seminar is one of the activities that LEI Wageningen UR, an independent and internationally leading socioeconomic research institute, is organising on the occasion of its 75th anniversary. With this seminar we want to offer a platform to exchange ideas and to generate an integrated view of adjustments in value chains and public policy. The seminar is relevant to a scientific community and to decision makers in business, politics and NGOs including the donor community.

More information about the event, and the call for papers can be found here.