Profile ‘4s@scale’ project in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

Who? This PPP, funded by the Facility for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security (FDOV), is a collaboration between the multinational coffee trader Ecom and its subsidiaries, the NGO Hivos, the Kenya National Federation of Agricultural Producers and biogas implementing agencies.

What? The 4S@Scale project (its name comes from: Sustainable and Secure Smallholder Systems at Scale) introduces a full set of Good Agricultural Practices among 90,000 smallholder coffee producers. Moreover, it installs biogas digesters among 22,000 households which will further enhance the quality of compost and which lays the basis for soil fertility of all cropping activities. Another aspect of the project is exploring high-potential alternative income sources besides coffee: dairy and horticulture.

Where? 4S@Scale is working in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

When? The PPP has started in April 2013, and will run until the end of March 2018.

Why? Coffee is a relevant but unpredictable source of income for the estimated 2,400,000 smallholder coffee farmers in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. In general, farming systems are marginally or not financially viable. They also lack means and incentives for women and youth to be more productive in the sector. Often, smallholders face periods of food insecurity. 4S@Scale aims at installing productive, sustainable coffee farming systems, and therefore the project intensifies and expands ongoing farmer training support in agricultural practices and climate adaptation. Moreover 4S@Scale tries to find out how to make the sector attractive again for women and youth to be fully involved in coffee production.

Interested in this PPP? Here you can read the interview with Geoffrey Nyamota (programme manager) of Hivos, based in Nairobi.