European Food & Agribusiness Seminar (EFAS), 18 – 21 October 2015

The European Food & Agribusiness Seminar (EFAS) is the only executive education event of its kind in Europe that offers top-ranked executives interaction with agribusiness leaders from across the global food system.

This year EFAS will focus on the role that food and agriculture leaders are playing in leading the response to the needs and demands of society for improving nutrition and health, sustainable agriculture and food production as well as food security and safety, while conserving biodiversity.

At the core of the seminar are the eight real-time business cases written by the EFAS team to report and describe how agribusiness industry leaders are predicting, leading and driving change in their businesses in an increasingly complex, uncertain and demanding global marketplace.

The EFAS seminar is designed for CEOs, MDs and senior executives of private and public companies, for policy makers and not-for-profit organizations that want to study, interact and connect with the leaders and change-makers in their industry. At every seminar we have grower, producer, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, consumer, academic, scientific and technologist delegates. To maximise interaction the seminar is limited to 75 delegates.

More information about the seminar, and registration can be found here.