#Reimagine PPPs: Devex sees changes in conversations about partnerships

Partnerships in development are here to stay. But can they live up to the hype?

Partnerships in development are here to stay — that much seems clear. According to Devex, whether they live up to the hype and reach their full potential remains to be seen:

“It is time to move past language barriers, trust issues and the other typical challenges listed when it comes to partnerships. What is needed now, and is emerging, is a more sophisticated discussion about the ‘how’ of doing partnerships. It begs a more open dialogue about failures and mistakes in order to be able to grow and establish greater accountability.”

During the past month, Devex in partnership with Abt Associates, has turned its focus to public-private partnerships in development through the #ReimaginePPP series. In doing so, they have sought to push the conversation forward.

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