Francesco Rampa (ECDPM): “We need to do more on nutrition, and multi-stakeholder partnerships are a key part of the solution”

A blog post by Francesco Rampa, Head of Programme Food Security of the  European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM)

Today is Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security. A lot is happening on food security, as evidenced by progress on CAADP and the important commitments made by AU Heads of State in Malabo. However, the same cannot be said for improving nutrition on the continent.

Producing more is important, and better linking food-surplus with food-deficit areas in Africa is crucial. But “producing and trading more” alone is not enough, we also need to ensure people eat well.

With economic growth, urbanisation and expansion of the middle-class, a new phenomenon has emerged. People are increasingly eating highly-processed fatty foods and soft-drinks from supermarkets which has led to a dramatic increase in obesity: 5% of the total female population in Sub Saharan Africa and 61% of adults in the richest country there, South Africa, are overweight.

No doubt nutrition challenges like these need to be tackled via public-private partnerships (PPPs). The private sector should play a strong role since farmers, traders and retailers are so important in determining what we eat.

But what are the challenges and opportunities to make such PPPs more effective? And what is the role for the EU there?

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