Our mission is to extract and co-create knowledge and methodological lessons from and on PPPs that can be used to improve both implementation and policy.

Scaling through #PPPs is not an easy task BUT identifying the bottlenecks & 'scaling' ingredients will help! New blog on how to develop the #scaling strategy https://t.co/8q0dF7GIDr

New to the world of #PPPs? Here is a brief introduction https://t.co/rmkNpOJqJp #partnership #food #water #PublicSector #business

The GIIN is thrilled to announce the Roadmap for the Future of Impact Investing: Reshaping Financial Markets! The #GIINRoadmap presents a vision for more inclusive and sustainable financial markets & articulates a plan to achieve this vision: https://t.co/EwfjF5q62W #impinv