Our mission is to extract and co-create knowledge and methodological lessons from and on PPPs that can be used to improve both implementation and policy.

What are the aspirations of #PPP to deliver systemic change? Are the PPPs fit to realise the aspirations? Join the #PPPLabday to exchange experiences with practitioners and policymakers. https://t.co/shF7oDry0W

Registration open for our yearly #PPPLabday https://t.co/lNkSK6CfXY 'Delivering on the potential of #PPPs' 20 November @NewWorldCampus The Hague.

Are we delivering on the potential of #PPPs? On 20th of November 4 years of working with and looking at hundreds of PPPs will be boiled down to their essence during the next PPPLab day !https://t.co/QeenBuj4lP #partnerships #food #water