Our mission is to extract and co-create knowledge and methodological lessons from and on PPPs that can be used to improve both implementation and policy.

Learn which innovative #finance instruments there are and how your #agribiz can benefit from them. Join our webinar with @BoPInc and @IDH_buzz in 1 hour by directly clicking on this link: https://t.co/PgTv5hEQxT

Lessons from Dutch-supported PPPs & their challenges show that the Dutch #PPP approach is in need of recalibration. There are some fundamental implications for the Dutch government on how to support PPPs best and unleash their transformational potential. https://t.co/fDz1qAqyLH

At @PPP_Lab we released another publication on scaling! On basis of extensive analysis of cases, we looked at success factors for effective scaling processes: https://t.co/KEjmvPe1xk